Henge embellishes the Hotel O Monot in Beirut

Henge continues its rise to success, pursuing and achieving ever higher and more ambitious objectives. The company is increasingly oriented towards a policy of internationalisation, drawing strength from the recognition it is registering all over the world in terms of image and the conquering of new market spaces.

2014 is confirmed as a year of major satisfactions and creations: in the two months of April/May alone, Henge inaugurated a new point-of-purchase in Milan in that luxury district par excellence, celebrated all over the world, the “Quadrilateral of Fashion”, arrived in Miami with its first overseas flagship store, ready to fascinate the New Continent too with its atmospheres, and participated in great style in the International Furniture Fair in Milan, presenting many new proposals from the Home Collection.


In those same months it was already in the process of perfecting and developing an important contract supplies project: the fitting and furnishing of a truly special hotel in the heart of the lively capital of Lebanon, the O Monot Luxury Boutique Hotel in Beirut, the official inauguration of which took place on 14th June.

The contract supplies sector has proved to offer excellent opportunities for Henge to demonstrate its value, to make people aware of its philosophy and the quality and character of its products, but above all its great capacity to provide highly customised solutions in terms of design, scaling, finishes, treatments… the result of a design and production process that only a company whose foundations lie in the great Italian manufacturing tradition supported by a special team of experts can guarantee.

Situated in the sophisticated Saifi Village and looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea, the Hotel O Monot enjoys a perfect position in Beirut and is ideal for visiting the fascinating and beautiful sites of the historic centre and the bohemian neighbourhood of Gemmayzeh. Its owner, Madame Nawal Ashkar, wanted to create a top-level hotel offering guests a unique and unforgettable experience from all perspectives.

Henge embellishes the Hotel O Monot in Beirut

Henge embellishes the Hotel O Monot in Beirut

Henge has wisely and elegantly interpreted the client’s intentions, creating sophisticated and desirable interiors. With great luxury and meticulous attention to detail, it has enhanced and embellished every shared environment, furnishing the hall, lounge bar zone and restaurant room.

The atmosphere that is breathed is warm and intimate, the choices are sophisticated, heterogeneous, contemporary fascinations with a delightful Art Deco flavour.
Wood, metal, natural stone and leather are confirmed here too as the protagonists of Henge creations: these are refined and precious materials, truly pleasing to the touch, the colours of which range from the dark leather of the sofa coverings to the brown and pale grains of the tops, made of Cappuccino stone, to the subtle shine of the burnished brass lamps and legs of the small tables.

The expressiveness of the materials meets with the creativity and sensibility of architect Massimo Castagna and gives rise to that unmistakable Henge style. The ground floor of the hotel has been furnished to offer differentiated reception and relaxation zones. An environment has been devised behind the hall for reading and socialisation: Henge has equipped it with Cage-B bookcases made-to-measure in burnished brass for the structure and heat-treated wood for the shelves, comfortable small armchairs with leathers seats, small R-Tables in the version with Cappuccino or burnished brass top and, to give specific and functional light points, the environment has Pipe Light L floor lamps, adjustable and with LED light source, at various points.

Henge embellishes the Hotel O Monot in Beirut

Henge embellishes the Hotel O Monot in Beirut

At the end of this zone there opens up a more spacious environment, which hosts the well-lit, resplendent bar area. The long counter is lit by numerous Pipe Light S lamps, hung from the ceiling and set at different heights so as to offer a very captivating interplay of light and reflection. In front of the bar is the lounge zone proper, where relaxation is guaranteed: resting against the walls are large, comfortable S-Perla sofas, added to which are spacious pale leather central ottomans and various small tables. The chessboard corner is more discreet and intimate, where W-Tables are offered for use as stools.

For the charming restaurant room with its panoramic view, Henge has created made-to-measure Soprano tables with wood structure covered in leather and top in the two versions of Cappuccino stone and wood, combined with June Chairs. The combination proposed on the walls is different and more informal: fabric S-Perla sofas, special Network Tables, Strip Chairs and U-Light pendant lamps. The dining room interprets the concept of luxury in a measured way, providing a solution of great quality with a very pleasant family atmosphere.
The furnishing of the Hotel O Monot demonstrates how Henge is able to develop projects that go beyond the domestic environment and how well its collections find their place naturally and with strong personality in important international contexts. Henge items thus confirm their vocation: to be travel companions and not simply furniture.

Hotel O Monot , Monot Street, Saifi, Beirut 1103, Lebanon

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